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Community Rules

1.     Introduction

2.     Our Values

3.     Unwanted content

4.     Banned behavior

5.     Soft warning: infringement´s points system

6.     Respect our team


1. Introduction

Due to the exponential growth in the use of the Internet around the world, coupled with the ignorance of a sustainable use of the infrastructure behind it. HOTDCDEALS.COM seeks to increase public and private awareness of the environmental impact resulting from the infrastructure behind the internet, working inside data centers.

Historically, greater pressure has been exerted on companies to follow a green and renewable energy certification and policies. Therefore, the creation of sustainable data centers has become essential in an environmental and commercial sense.

We designed the Community Rules so you can help us nurture and protect this amazing community. By using HOTDCDEALS.COM you accept to comply with these rules.

On the other hand, and despite how much it can grow, we want HOTDCDEALS.COM to remain an authentic and safe place; in which the community can find an ethical and respectful environment to express with due respect to each member in the platform.


2. Our Values


Everyone is welcomed

HOTDCDEALS.COM welcomes social and international diversity, with an evident and wide range of cultures, ages and experiences. Keep this in mind when participating, not everyone will always agree with your comment or opinion, and all honest and well-intended comments deserve the same respect. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to content removal, account deactivation, or other restrictions without any monetary compensation.

This is especially true for new members. A community is based on the fact that new members participate freely and respectfully again and again with other members. Therefore, we encourage you to welcome new members, help them find their way, and forgive initial mistakes. It takes time to contribute to our community, we have all started small and not all had the time to read thoroughly in advance about all the peculiarities of our community. The more respectful we are, the better our community will be.


Respect and diversity


We are convinced that diversity is not only one of HOTDCDEALS.COM’s greatest strengths, but also that is one of its core values.

More diversity means more variety, innovative content, more green ideas and, ultimately, freedom of expression and respect within the community. Therefore, we do not tolerate content that discriminates against members, for example, due to their religion, gender, or origin.



Great community and good behavior


We all bring knowledge to this community. Before replying or writing a comment, for example, you should consider whether it adds relevant value to the community. Sometimes a funny or irrelevant comment can add a smile to readers, however, if we discover or get notified that the discussion in a thread is too far off topic, we reserve the right to remove any comments so that the discussion returns to a respectful tone.

Also, we would like to ask you to behave in the same way that you expect from others. We are firmly convinced that, whether in person or through this platform, one must also be cordial and kind to others, even if they are behind a screen, there are definitely differences of thought and they must be conveyed in a constructive and professional manner.


3. Unwanted content


At HOTDCDEALS.COM we try to maintain a professional and valuable environment; therefore, we encourage you to exchange ideas and opinions respecting other members’ thoughts and comments.


If you see content that goes against our rules or think it should be verified for a valid reason, use the “Report” function. Each submitted request is reviewed by our Support Team. Your help makes this community better!


In the worst case, we have zero tolerance for spam and toxic users. We hope that all users participate in favor of the overall community and not against it. To do so, the following content is not allowed, and may cause a temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

1. Spamming: advertise or post non-related data center products or services.

2. Try to divert the conversations with excessive sarcasm or rudeness.

3. insults, threats, racism or intimidation will be removed.

4. Publish seeking to generate conflict, controversy and / or create a negative environment.

5. Purposely create disinformation or act against HOTDCDEALS.COM and its community.

6. Provoke other members to break the community rules, willingly or indirectly, or act against the community.

7. Try to send inappropriate or not-related allowed content, in a camouflaged way, such as posting image instead of text, or vicious links.



4. Banned behavior


In addition to spam, there are certain actions that are clearly prohibited, including, but not limited to:


• Manipulation of upvotes, for example, by using multiple accounts.

• Flood of useless or off comments, upvotes or posts.

• Create multiple accounts, for example to avoid a temporary ban or block.

• Impersonating a false identity, for example, posing as other user by choosing a similar username.

• Try to restrict the operation of HOTDCDEALS.COM, such as DDoS attacks, code exploit or any other security vulnerabilities.

• Tracking our website for vicious purposes.


It’s simple: anything that could harm the community is prohibited. If you think your behavior could seriously harm this community, please refrain! If you have any information about such behavior or the possibility of doing so, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form. Once again, we depend on your help and you will be morally rewarded.



Profile: usernames, avatars, etc


• Choose a username and avatar that is not offensive or tries to intimidate or attack other users

• Usernames and avatars of political propaganda are not allowed

• Usernames or avatars that advertise, or represent another website, or brand, other than their own.

• Usernames that appear to represent a vendor, brand, or other user are not allowed and accounts may be blocked without notice.

• Only one account per person. Duplicate accounts will be blocked and the original may be restricted.

• Change of member for exceptional reasons are allowed upon identity confirmation.



5. Soft warning: infringement´s points system

If a user does not behave according to our Community Rules, we will act in one of the following ways:

• Warn the user upon prior claims verification.

• By restricting your account, for example, by moderating your contributions.

• Suspending some function of

your account temporarily or permanently without compensation of the investment or registration through our points system.

As a general rule, you will be informed if we have had to delete content, send you a warning, or suspend your account. If you have any questions or want to dispute the event, you can reply directly to our message or contact us directly at [email protected] and our support team will reply to you.

Please, keep in mind that many different people work with us, sometimes actions may differ from person to person on a decision. We try to make each of our decisions about what we think is best for the community in that specific case.

If you still disagree with our decision, we are fully open to discuss and resolve for best resolution in a professional tone.


Points system and permanent blocking

As the known driver license point system, HOTDCDEALS.COM also has 12 penalty points. As you add up points, your account will be limited for periods of time, until you reach the final ban, that is, if you reach the maximum of 12 points.

Each point of infringement carries a suspension time, as follows:

• 2 penalty points = 1 day suspended

• 4 penalty points = 3 days suspended

• 6 penalty points = 7 days suspended

• 8 penalty points = 14 days suspended

• 10 penalty points = 30 days suspended

• 12 penalty points = Permanent with no monetary compensation.

Points are cumulative and are valid for one year.


Account functionality restrictions


We will proceed to suspend any upvote, comments or other function of your account, if we are informed of fraudulent use such as: many votes in a short time, organized votes against or in favor of certain members, spam to other users or other unusual use and against Community Rules of any function of your account.

In the same way as in point infractions, the blocking of some functions may be temporary, and the duration will depend on the severity in said fraudulent use:


• 1st time = Warning

• 2nd time = 3 days suspended.

• 3rd time = 7 days suspended.

• 4th time = 14 days suspended


7.  Respect our team


Our Support Team is here to help everyone in our community, improve the functionality of the site and maintain a healthy environment regardless of diversity of thinking, culture, etc. They do NOT establish the rules, their role is only to apply them for the benefit of all, so please respect the position they are in and above all, please do not forget that they are also people like you, and they are doing their job the best they can for each of us.


If you do not agree with the decision made by the Support Team, you can send us an explanation through the contact form to hear a second higher rank opinion.


Thank you.

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